Date 2023-11-20 00:00:00

Danish retail chain and a dairy remove screw caps from milk cartons

Many reactions from customers are now causing Thise Mejeri and Coop to remove plastic screw caps from the five most sold milk types.

The EU has stipulated that all plastic lids on beverage bottles and cartons must be firmly fitted – a decision made in order to minimize the plastic that ends up in nature. 

However, many customers find that it has become difficult to pour the milk from the carton. Therefore, Thise Mejeri and Coop will remove the screw caps and return to the old way of opening the milk cartons, namely by opening the carton itself. This happens as soon as the current stock of produced cartons is depleted – expectedly around March 1 next year. This information is provided by Thise and Coop in a joint press release. 

- We are pleased that we have been able to conclude this agreement with Thise Mejeri so quickly. Now, we can meet a sincere wish from our customers, and we can save the environment from a lot of plastic, Thomas Roland, Head of CSR at Coop, underscores. 

- We are excited that – in collaboration with Coop – we are now removing the screw caps from the Änglamark and 365 organic milk variants. We do not use screw caps on our own Thise milk variants, and we welcome the use of less plastic, as it fits well into our sustainability agenda, Svend Schou Borch, CEO at Thise Mejeri reiterates.