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Quality assurance at all levels

Modern large-scale food production requires raw materials, equipment, processes, and documentation to be controlled at all stages. Read how Danish food industry is handling this challenge in DDFI 2024.

Today the requirements for the end product are clearly specified, and deviations are not tolerated within either food safety or quality. Danish food producers, to include Danish dairies, are among the leaders when it comes to quality assurance and documentation thereof.

Therefore, it is crucial for the Danish food industry that all players involved can document the quality and tolerances of their particular product as important contributions to a flawless end product. This applies to suppliers of, among other things, raw materials, ingredients, cleaning equipment, production equipment, and distribution. If errors occur, they must be quickly located and dealt with. Monitoring, communication, and documentation must be handled at all stages enabling subsequent traceability.

At DDFI 2024 Arla Foods will describe the Group’s work to ensure quality throughout the many stages of production, through which the milk passes from farm to fork.

Furthermore, a couple of the central auditing companies will review the key points of their inspection, classification, advice, and certification in connection with approving equipment and other items for food production.

Finally, a large number of suppliers will contribute with their descriptions of how their products are instrumental in quality management in Danish food production.

The Danish Minister of Food is also expected to comment on the current challenge.

In this frame, we publish the magazine Danish Dairy & Food Industry… Worldwide in February 2024. We look forward to cooperating with you and invite you to be part of an exciting magazine.





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